Ilse Bastiaensen

(BE) Founder – Executive board of directors and Chairman

Christine Carré

(BE) Founder – Executive board of directors

Daniela Sá

(PT) Official Portuguese Representer – Board of directors Portugal – Founder All for the Planet

International research team & advisors

Catherine Khalil

(BE) – MSC Wildlife Biology & Conservation – scientific researcher

Pimmie Aendenboom

(BE) – Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager

Mariana Ribeiro

(PT) – Master in Veterinary Medicine

Benjamin Schulz

(GE) – PhD Biologist and Consultant on Marine Mammals

Wendy Van Gool

(BE) – Sanctuary Education Advisory Specialist

Azorean research team

José Manuel Neto Azevedo

(Az) – Biologist & Professor at Univ.dos Açores

João Pedro Barreiro

(Az) – PhD Biology, Animal Ecology, Aggregation in Ethology & Assistant Professor at Univ.dos Açores

Carlos pinto

(Az) – Director of the Veterinary course & Assistant Professor Veterinarian at Univ.dos Açores

Gualtar Martins Câmara

(Az) – Financial Advisor - Doctor in Business & Economics professor at Univ.dos Açores

Luís Barcelos

(Az) – Marine Biologist at Univ.dos Açores – MSc in Nature management & Conservation

Luís Pimentel

(Az) – Marketing Management and Branding


Stakeholders & Partners

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